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Preference is for smaller groups for training


Professional Kundalini Massage Practitioner Training

  • DATES: September 27 - 30

  • Sep 27-29 10am - 6pm

  • Sep 30 - 10am - 2pm

  • Second Story Studios - MELBOURNE

  • 222 Johnston street, collingwood

  • $1500

Back Massage

Professional Kundalini Massage Practitioner Training

  • DATES: November 22 - 25

  • nov 22-24 10am - 6pm

  • nov 25  - 10am - 2pm

  • Leela Centre - SYDNEY

  • 113-115 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

  • $1500

Hand Massage

Professional Kundalini Massage Practitioner Training

  • DATES: december 13 - 16

  • dec 13-15 10am - 6pm

  • dec 16  - 10am - 2pm


  • Location to be Advised

  • $1500

Pressure Point Massage

Professional Kundalini Massage Practitioner Training

  • DATES: january 7 - 10

  • jan 7-9 10am - 6pm

  • jan 10  - 10am - 2pm



  • $1500 for Training

  • Additional for Accommodation & Meals.



Accredited Professional Practitioner Training in Kundalini Massage

 2021 Australia tour

Certified & Accredited + Option of Insurance Cover for your Practice. 

Accreditation & Insurance cover in 26 Countries. 


Course Manual supplied to all students - 400+ Pages

Limited spaces are available as we prefer to train with small groups



Full Payment is required before the training commences to guarantee your spot.

​This Training is unlike any other Training on offer anywhere in the World.

$349 Reserves your spot for the Training.

The Remainder can be paid prior to the event in 1 or 2 installments. Reserve your spot today. 


Hands-on supervised practice. In addition, practical self-healing techniques for stress, and tools for well-being to help yourself and others are also covered in class.

Accredited in 26 Countries with Insurance Cover for this course VIA AON & the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists

Upon successful completion of this course, a Certificate will be awarded as a Kundalini Bodywork Therapist. Students have the opportunity to continue training and advance to the next level as Master Teachers Trainer. An additional benefit is Association membership with this Massage Qualification as well as the ability to obtain Professional Indemnity Insurance for this Qualification. Learning the skill and the art of Kundalini Bodywork Therapy requires the practitioner to be present, aware, and open to the experiences and energies of their clients.

The process for some is a natural one, however, for many, you will require extensive reading and significant work on your own Kundalini to assist you so as you may assist others in their Kundalini energy work.

As a Kundalini Bodywork Therapist, you are not guaranteed to awaken or activate anyone’s Kundalini energy. You will be presenting them with the necessary knowledge and skills to work through their energetics through the bodywork. Trauma-informed care, somatic psychology, neuroscience, and psychoanalysis will assist your clients to work through the body's blockages with you as their practitioner. 

Many body tensions are indications of repressed or unexpressed holding patterns. They may be the result of lifelong patterns of tension, or they may be caused by current or past physical trauma. Simply put, the nature of our reactions to our own unique environmental stressors is actually captured in our bodies. kundalini Massage therapists act as facilitators or catalysts of change to the body structure. Most of us have a predominant holding pattern that may be one of these listed above, and many of us have combinations of holding patterns. It is the massage therapist’s contact with the body or movement of the body that allows him or her entry to your soma-body, which helps you to become whole and integrated once more. The massage therapist’s goal is to help you gain insight into your pattern of holding, or lack of flow, and to make you aware of the increased energy it takes to hold that pattern. This way you can slowly learn to reduce or eliminate the holding pattern, which is often a defense mechanism if, in fact, you are ready to give it up. Massage has been a part of the major medical delivery systems all over the world since its inception.

The Kundalini bodywork technique combines a variety of scientifically and empirically developed techniques and uses the Kundalini Energy to heal deep parts of energy blocks caused by stress and past traumas that are stored in the deeper tissue of the body.